Blueshift Docs

How do I trade on Blueshift?

To trade on Blueshift, open the Swap page, select the token you would like to swap in the “From” field, enter the input amount, then select the token you would like to receive in the to field. The app will automatically estimate the output amount. Alternatively, you can specify the desired output amount and then the required input will be estimated. Besides the input / output amounts the app will also calculate an exchange price, price impact and minimum output / max input. You will also see a swap route that is automatically calculated to offer the best exchange rate.
You can also adjust swap settings. Slippage tolerance defines what difference from the estimated exchange rate is acceptable (typically 1%). Deadline allows you to set the maximum possible latency before a transaction is deemed outdated. You can also turn multihops on and off to define whether you would like to make routed swaps via several tokens.
Before trading, you’ll have to approve the Blueshift router to interact with your tokens, similar to most other DeFi applications.