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Yield pools

Stake BLUES to earn more BLUES
Every BLUES holder can earn more BLUES by staking BLUES in Blueshift's Yield Pools. You can find the pools on the Yield Pools page of Blueshift App.

Rewards distribution

The Blueshift Smart Minting System distributes 1 BLUES per block as a reward among BLUES holders that have staked their tokens in Yield Pools. This 1 BLUES is distributed among stakers of both Blueshift pools: Manual BLUES pool and Auto HODL BLUES pool.
As soon as you start staking in Yield Pools, you immediately start earning BLUES. The exact amount of rewards depends on the pools` APR (in manual pool) or APY (in auto pool).
For example, if I stake 1000 BLUES in a yield pool with an APR (or APY) of 150%, I will receive approximately* 1500 BLUES more in one year time. In total, this will result in around 2500 BLUES, assuming that neither additional BLUES were staked or unstaked.
*APR and APY are dynamic values and depend on total BLUES amount staked in the pool.

Difference between Manual and Auto HODL pools

There are two main differences.

Rewards harvesting:

- In the Manual pool your rewards are accumulating in your reward account. You can harvest rewards manually by clicking the "Harvest" button whenever you want. You can add the tokens to your wallet or compound them to your stake to earn faster. For each harvest or compound you have to pay a network transaction fee. - In case of the Auto HODL pool your rewards are accumulated and added to your stake every time when Auto BLUES Bounty are claimed without your intervention. That means that your rewards are automatically compounded several times a day and added to your stake. In this way, you start earning faster with no need to harvest and increase your stake manually.

Extra HODL reward:

- In case of the Auto HODL pool you earn additional rewards every time someone unstakes their funds. At the same time though, if you unstake your funds before the TVL goals are reached, you will lose a certain part of your locked rewards. The lost rewards are distributed among all Auto HODL pool stakers. This is how Blueshift wants to reward long-term holders.

Auto BLUES Bounty

Blueshift`s protocol rewards users helping the Auto HODL pool to compound newly earned rewards:
  • Every user can claim the Auto BLUES Bounty reward anytime.
  • Every time someone claims the bounty all Auto HODL pool new earnings are compounded and added to the pool stake.